Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Message From Your Spirit Guides

We Are Always With You. 

You are never alone, never, ever. It is not a possibility for you to be alone; we are always with you, because we have been created to serve you. Your aloneness is your illusion, constructed by your mind to keep you in bondage of fear. Your ego needs fear to survive, because it must justify and assert its significance. However, the real you is beyond any ego, any bondage, and any fear. The real you is the embodiment of courage, love, compassion and freedom.

Call on us; we are just a breath away. We are always ready to give you a helping hand, ready to serve your highest good, ready to support and guide you through any process that leads to your greatest expression of who you are.

Remember, you can only call on us from the impulse of your soul, this is how we communicate with you, through your intuition. When you ask us a question, don’t wait for answers to come to your mind, your noisy mind cannot hear us. You can only hear us in your inner stillness. Our message always speaks of love, many different faces of love, because love is who you are, it is also who we are.

We want to tell you today that you are beautiful, lovable and magnificent; you may not see it because your inner vision is clouded by your doubt and fear. As your spirit guides, we see what you cannot see. We see every one of your so-called problem and challenge as your fresh opportunity to create yourself anew. Call on us at time of confusion; surrender your doubt and fear, because that is the wall that blocks you from reaching us.

We have no other intention but to help you achieve wonders in your earthly life. We are your invisible wings, ready to fly your dreams to any destination of your wish. The idea in your mind is the pilot, the wish in your heart is the engine, and the gratitude in your being is the oil. Once you are set, your mighty conscious intention acts as the spark that flames the operation of your spirit craft. Your job is to continuously align your consciousness to our consciousness so we both focus on the same direction, and our heartbeat can be coherent through out this joyous journey.

We want to remind you that your journey is truly your destination, for there is no place like the place where you are now, and there is no other time like the moment of Now, as this place and this moment is all there is to your life in your full aliveness, in your full awareness, in your full consciousness. When you are in the moment, you are in eternality. When you are out of the moment, you are at the abyss of confusion and anxiety.

Please know we love you unconditionally and eternally. As you read these words, we are with you, we are never not with you. You are not aware of our existence because you are too identified with issues of your physical world and you are stuck in the endless cycle of drama played out by your mind.

It is OK though, every one of you is entitled to travel in your own way, no one should judge you. You can take as long as decades, life times to awake up to your true nature, or you can take seconds. It really is up to you. Keep in mind though, we will constantly create opportunities for you to create the next best version of your being. In your unconscious state, these opportunities often are deemed as problems in your mind’s perspective, as a result, you seek answers and solutions from the outside. We would like to remind you that your so-called problems are your own creations, and so the solutions lie within you.

Please always use us as your inner counsel, as we hold the highest vision of the highest version of who you can be. We hold the solutions. In fact, we are your light.

Call on us; we are your spirit guides. To connect with us, simply close your eyes, take a few deep breath, disconnect from your mind, and in your inner silence, you will hear us whispering to your heart.

Hong Curley on behalf of your higher spirit.

Message From Your Spirit Guides

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