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Understanding the wisdom of “One man’s food is another man’s poison”

---Discovering your unique hormonal metabolism to achieve optimal health

Have you ever wondered why you take nutritional supplements, eat healthy food, do regular exercise and still feel like crap while others feel great taking, eating and doing the same thing? Here are some the questions people ask me regularly.

  • Why does the diet that gives my friend energy and helps him lose weight makes me tired and gain weight? 
  • Why can’t I get rid of my digestive problem even though I eat well and take good supplements?
  • Why do I feel depressed and anxious while my friends don’t?
  • Why do I feel tired easily while others seem to have plenty of energy?
  • Why can’t I tolerate as much alcohol as other men?
  • Why do I develop a beer gut while my friends don’t?
  • Why do I seem to age faster than other men similar to my age?
  • Why are cancer and heart disease increasing each year?
  • Why does a low fat, low protein, high complex carbohydrate diet raise cholesterol in me while it lowers it in my friends? 
  • Why do the wall-to-wall books on health and nutrition contradict each other so much?

There are so much confusion and contradiction about nutrition, diet, and supplements, what can you do to work out what is best for you?

The fact that on a biochemical level every man is as unique as we are in our fingerprints is undeniable. In fact, our uniqueness extends far beyond just our fingerprints. It encompasses virtually every aspect of ourselves -- personality, behavior, temperament, external physical traits, internal size, shape, placement and efficiency of all of our organs and glands, and rates of our cellular metabolism. 

Simply put, your DNA is unique, your hormonal and bio-chemical profiles determine the characteristics of your metabolism. We all process or utilize foods and nutrients very differently. Thus, the very same nutritional protocol that enables one man to lead a long healthy life full of robust health can cause serious illness in a different man. 

This means what is good for someone else can be totally destructive to you. For example, if you already have a fast metabolism, taking supplements which contain substance that stimulates your thyroid function will be like a poison to you while it will work like magic for someone who has a slow metabolism.

So what is the answer, how do you get out of this jungle of confusion?

Understanding the hormonal and bio-chemical profiles of the three main body types

Picture of the three types

  1. The chubby type is referred to as “ Endomorph”

This type has the following imbalance of hormones and cytokines that give rise to their metabolic dysfunction responsible for their health disorders.

1. Reduced sympathetic nervous system activity (parasympathetic dominance)
2. Poor conversion of thyroid hormone (T4) into it’s active form (T3)
3. Reduced stomach and pancreatic digestive function
4. High insulin levels with or without insulin resistance.
5. Increased Oestrogen to progesterone ratio.
6. Increased Oestrogen to testosterone ratio.
7. Poor intestinal absorption
8. Immune dysfunction associated with allergies and infections.
9. Increased cholesterol and reduced HDL
10. Increased  inflammatory cytokines (IL4, IL6, TNF)
11. Reduced energy production (mitochondrial) in small intestines and muscles.

These biochemical features give rise to the following metabolic defects and health issues;

1. Poor digestion
2. Slow metabolism
3. Regular infections and allergies
4. Chronic inflammation of certain tissues and organs, may involve bowel and liver
5. Lower body obesity and fluid retention
6. Insulin resistance

The main psycho-emotional profile: peace maker, empathetic, patient, lazy, give up easily, stable, forgiving 

  1. The muscular type is referred to as “Mesomorph”

This type has the following imbalance of hormones and cytokines.

1. Increased sympathetic nervous system activity (stress hormones)
2. Increased gonadal androgens
3. High insulin levels with or without insulin resistance.
4. Normal to raised morning cortisol levels
5. Increased Prolactin
6. Increased ArginineVasopressin (AVP)
7. High Lutenising Hormone (LH)
8. Increased inflammatory cytokines ( IL1,IL6,TNF)
9. High Prostaglandin E2 and F2 levels.
10. Increased Plasma (blood) viscosity
11. High oestrogen to progesterone ratio
12. Normal to raised thyroid hormone
13. Decreased Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA)
14. Increased Dopamine turnover leading to later deficiency
15. Decreased Atrial Naturetic Peptide (ANP)
16. Decreased bile production
17. Decreased intestinal motility
18. Increased cholesterol, triglycerides and reduced HDL

List of the common health disorders expressed by Mesomorph

1. Defective appetite control: binge eating, overeating with large meal portions.
2. Obesity: Increased upper body, abdominal fat deposition
3. Mood disorders : Irritability, aggressiveness, anxiety, depression
4. Impaired Liver Detoxification with retention of metabolic wastes.
5. Increased inflammation (Increased cytokines, prostaglandins E2/F2)
6. Prone to Hypertensive  (increased blood pressure) disorder
7. Irritable bowel like syndrome; bloating, constipation.
10. Migraine headache, chest tightness, chest pain
12. Thyroid cysts, esophageal cysts or cancer.
13. Eye diseases, myopia, glaucoma, or simply eye strain and pain
14. Herpes virus, thrush, recurrent genital infection
15.       Heart and liver diseases

The main psycho-emotional profile: high achiever, anger, frustration, workaholic, driven, aggressive. 

  1. The thin-framed type is referred to as Ectomorph

This type has the following imbalance of hormones and cytokines

1. Reductions in neurotransmitters: GABA, serotonin and acetylcholine.
2. Raised basal levels of stress hormones: catecholamines (adrenalin, nor adrenalin) 
3. Deficiency of Parasympathetic activity (acetylcholine)
4. Raised basal levels of cortisol
6. Androgen deficiency in men
8. Oestrogen excess in men
9. Predisosition to hyper thyroidism
10. Defective immune function 
11. Insulin resistance
12. Increased cholesterol, triglycerides and reduced HDL
13. Predisposition to certain autoimmune disorders ie SLE, Ulcerative coltis, Systemic Scleroisis, Autoimmune Thyroiditis (Graves disease)

The hormonal and bio-chemical imbalance can give rise to the following health concerns
1.         Degeneration (apoptosis) of the brain.
2. Inhibition of the Immune system
3. Proliferation of abdominal fat tissue.
4. Defective appetite control and cravings.
5. Muscle Catabolism
6.         Distended gut
7.         Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia
8.         Allergy, asthma
9.         Early bolding, thinning of hair
10.       Signs of pre-mature aging
11.       Sexual dysfunction and vigor decline
12.       Skin disorders, rash, eczema, pre-mature aged skin and early formation of wrinkles

The main psycho-emotional profile: creative, anxious, restlessness, perfectionist, artistic, worrier. 

As you can see, each hormonal and metabolic type demonstrates a number of breakdowns in the regulatory mechanisms with subsequent development of bodily dysfunctions.

If you understand why and how these control mechanisms are affected, you can establish a specific treatment strategy designed to correct the underlying cause to achieve optimal health. 

This is a very exciting concept, because, from the understanding of the complexity of key regulatory mechanisms and their energetic pathways, you will be able to identify the energetic and biochemical basis of your health disorders, hence, unravel the mystery of why you are not feeling as well as you should and how you can get better and maintain your wellness.

The result of choosing a life style in harmony with your unique genetic type is: 

Greater degree of inner peace
Great reduction of Stress level
•           Clarity of mind
Positive outlook in life
Enhance memory function
Enhance digestion
Great sleep
Good energy
No more mood swings, greatly reduced level of frustration and anger
Improved sexual function
Better skin, less dryness and less wrinkles
Generally feel happier and healthier.

So how do you determine what metabolic type you are?

There is an advanced bio-technology that enables you to determine your own unique metabolic needs with high degree of precision. This technology is known as Metabolic Hormonal Typing. 

Once you know your metabolic hormonal subtype and you know what foods, what herbs, what supplements and exercise programs are right for you and what are wrong for you, then you need a simple to follow, step-by-step plan to help you transition into a healthy lifestyle that you can follow for the rest of your life. 

You can also enhance the result by taking a unique super food supplement that suits your constitution. The function of this supplement is to: 
Enhance hormonal detoxification
Boost anti-oxidant
Regulate metabolism
Maintain healthy digestive system
Calm down hyperactive nervous system
Maintain healthy weight

To find out your hormonal body type, click here www.hongcurley.com/hormonalbodytype 

Monday, 11 August 2014

May peace be with you Robin Williams

While we are mourning for the death of Robin Williams and sending condolences to his families, we also need to respect his choice. While we feel shocked and shattered, we must not forget to ask ourselves this question: what really determines our happiness and contentment in life?

Robin’s death challenges our value to the core. If fame, money, prestige, alcohol, drug, beautiful woman could not satisfy a man’s hunger for peace, what does? What else could Robin Williams have created in life that could make him happy rather than depressed? What is it in life that is so bad that death becomes a more attractive option?

He is loved by millions; he is the source of joy and laughter for millions; one would think he was fulfilling his life purpose doing what he loved. Why isn’t the love from millions to him not enough for him? Why does such a funny, brilliant man who gives others so much joy suffer so much pain?

We may not have answers for these questions, nevertheless, these questions should keep our search for meaning alive. Let us collectively pray for Robin’s peace. May he find what he is looking for. Let us not judge him or what he did in any way. Instead, let us release our attachment and our expectation. When we watch his film and marvel at his brilliant work, let us go within; let him be our mirror, our reminder, our guiding light. Let us ask ourselves, what is it in my life that will give me peace and contentment Now?

Go within, go within, go within….I hope to find it when I am alive, rather than when I am dead. Wouldn’t you?

May you rest in peace Robin Williams. Thank you for being you…. You shine so bright when you live, you will continue to shine even after you are gone physically, because we carry your spirit within each of us…..forever more….


May peace be with you Robin Williams

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