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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Message From Your Spirit Guides

We Are Always With You. 

You are never alone, never, ever. It is not a possibility for you to be alone; we are always with you, because we have been created to serve you. Your aloneness is your illusion, constructed by your mind to keep you in bondage of fear. Your ego needs fear to survive, because it must justify and assert its significance. However, the real you is beyond any ego, any bondage, and any fear. The real you is the embodiment of courage, love, compassion and freedom.

Call on us; we are just a breath away. We are always ready to give you a helping hand, ready to serve your highest good, ready to support and guide you through any process that leads to your greatest expression of who you are.

Remember, you can only call on us from the impulse of your soul, this is how we communicate with you, through your intuition. When you ask us a question, don’t wait for answers to come to your mind, your noisy mind cannot hear us. You can only hear us in your inner stillness. Our message always speaks of love, many different faces of love, because love is who you are, it is also who we are.

We want to tell you today that you are beautiful, lovable and magnificent; you may not see it because your inner vision is clouded by your doubt and fear. As your spirit guides, we see what you cannot see. We see every one of your so-called problem and challenge as your fresh opportunity to create yourself anew. Call on us at time of confusion; surrender your doubt and fear, because that is the wall that blocks you from reaching us.

We have no other intention but to help you achieve wonders in your earthly life. We are your invisible wings, ready to fly your dreams to any destination of your wish. The idea in your mind is the pilot, the wish in your heart is the engine, and the gratitude in your being is the oil. Once you are set, your mighty conscious intention acts as the spark that flames the operation of your spirit craft. Your job is to continuously align your consciousness to our consciousness so we both focus on the same direction, and our heartbeat can be coherent through out this joyous journey.

We want to remind you that your journey is truly your destination, for there is no place like the place where you are now, and there is no other time like the moment of Now, as this place and this moment is all there is to your life in your full aliveness, in your full awareness, in your full consciousness. When you are in the moment, you are in eternality. When you are out of the moment, you are at the abyss of confusion and anxiety.

Please know we love you unconditionally and eternally. As you read these words, we are with you, we are never not with you. You are not aware of our existence because you are too identified with issues of your physical world and you are stuck in the endless cycle of drama played out by your mind.

It is OK though, every one of you is entitled to travel in your own way, no one should judge you. You can take as long as decades, life times to awake up to your true nature, or you can take seconds. It really is up to you. Keep in mind though, we will constantly create opportunities for you to create the next best version of your being. In your unconscious state, these opportunities often are deemed as problems in your mind’s perspective, as a result, you seek answers and solutions from the outside. We would like to remind you that your so-called problems are your own creations, and so the solutions lie within you.

Please always use us as your inner counsel, as we hold the highest vision of the highest version of who you can be. We hold the solutions. In fact, we are your light.

Call on us; we are your spirit guides. To connect with us, simply close your eyes, take a few deep breath, disconnect from your mind, and in your inner silence, you will hear us whispering to your heart.

Hong Curley on behalf of your higher spirit.

Message From Your Spirit Guides

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Expect miracles!!!

There is a light inside you that is brighter than sunshine. There is a hero inside you that can get you through any challenge. There is a power inside you that is so great that whatever you can envision, you can achieve. There is a strength inside you that whatever comes your way, you can face it with courage and wisdom. So no matter what happens, know in your heart that you are more powerful than you think, braver than you can ever imagine, and wiser than you have ever known.

Know that nothing is ever too good for you because you deserve the best life has to offer and more, whatever you desire is all within your reach.

Why? Because you are born a king!!!

No matter what you think, however you may devalue yourself, the truth is that you are born of the greatest, the most intelligent creative force in the universe…..You are a miracle!!! Can you think of anything else that is as miraculous as you are?

Embrace your inner power, reach into your inner resources, the deepest, inner most sources of love and intelligence, where the eternal spring of wisdom flows. Once you connect deep with yourself, anchor it in your being, then put yourself out there, give it everything you have got and expect miracles to happen!!!

This is the creative life of a spiritual warrior who anchors deeply in the heart of his being, then reach beyond the stars. Your being and your dreams are like two wings of a bird. Once you make them strong, you can soar and surf the sky, then there is no limit….only endless blessings and effortless success.

To your success, my friends.

Expect miracles!!!

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Friday, 19 September 2014

Millionaire Reveals: 3 Powerful Secrets of Success

Why did you work so hard and still fail to realise your dreams? What are the secrets of the millionaire success? This article reveals some very powerful secrets of success by providing a fundamental frame work to literally guarantee your success and make dreams come true.

  • Vision: 

Before you embark on a journey, you must know exactly where you are going, common sense?! If you don’t know where you are going, how will you ever get there?

Just as you need the address before you can get to where you want to go, you will need the clarity of what your dreams look like before you can fully realise it.

If you want to achieve financial freedom, then you must have the vision of what financial freedom looks like, feels like, sounds like, and tastes like to you. Otherwise, you have no points of reference to guide you and anchor you.

In other words, you must have the clarity of what the end result of what you are trying to create look like before you start working on the project.

In one word, you need Vision. 

Vision means that you can see the future outcome very clearly with your inner eyes right Now. What does this dream mean to you? What does the end result look, feel like, or sound like?


If your dream is to become a millionaire, or to achieve financial freedom in 5 years, you can either envision the millionaire life style or you can see the figure of money in your bank statements.

Whatever the vision you may have, it must be very clear, very real; you can see it, feel it, and smell the reality of it. The clearer your vision is, the more powerful your magnetic field will become to bring this vision closer to your reality.

Just as you must remember the address of your destination, you should exercise your vision every day. Think like a millionaire, act as if you have already achieved financial freedom; imagine you are a speaker on a stage sharing the secrets of millionaire success and the blue print of financial freedom with your followers. Unleash your imagination and live it out now as if you have already realised your dreams.

  • Vibration:

Once you have a very clear vision, you must anchor it into your being by lifting your vibration consciously on a day to day basis to reinforce this intention. Conscious intention is what connects your dream to the creative source; it is also a steering wheel that drives you to your destination. Energy vibration plus conscious intention are the two wings of a dream that will let you fly, rather than crawl to your destination.

Lifting your vibration means that every day, your thinking and feeling about your dream must be a joy to your heart and you are constantly grateful for this process. You see it as a divine project that will give you financial freedom as well as helping people realising their highest potential.

You must build your success on the success of those you are trying to help with your expertise. Whatever your dreamed project may be, it should be a good karmic project in which everybody wins. When you charge the project with a win win attitude, then the creative force will be with you every step of the way.

  • Faith: 

Faith means that you believe in something you cannot yet see but deep inside you know you can trust it. In faith, you surrender your doubt to the greater knowing of your higher spirit. You let go of your concerns and worries, and take the step forward without question, the so-called Leap of Faith. In faith,  you know that your intention is already a reality in the mind of God.

Feel this fact in your heart, in your mind, in your bones and in your DNA, then every day, give thanks for the fact that it is already done and you just have to open your arms to receive it when the time comes.

If you ask any authentic millionaire what the secrets of success is, he or she will tell you that vision, vibration and faith are the major ingredients of optimal success and the top three secrets of success and financial freedom. If you follow this formula, you will realise your dream fast without fail.

As you have noticed, many people around you are working very hard, but working hard is like crawling. Why crawl if you were born with wings to fly? So fly….become a visionary, a success frequency carrier and faith will spread its wings to take you there.

Remember, if you can see it, feel it, hear it in your imagination, then you can create it in your reality. This creative power is your gift, don’t waste it. Use it.

To your success, financial freedom and the millionaire dreams.

Hong Curley

Millionaire Reveals: 3 Powerful Secrets of Success

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Natural Fertility Booster (Pack of 10)

Natural Fertility Booster is a thousand year old Traditional Chinese Herbal Formula that stimulates both female and male reproductive hormones by nourishing, supporting, reenergising the organs, glands, tissues, which are responsible for fertility and pregnancy. Herbs in this compound have been prescribed by Chinese doctors to treat infertility, impotence, sexual decline, prevent miscarriage, secure and pregnancy. It regulates female menstruation cycle, normalises ovulation, and increases the volume of semen, sperm count, and motility. Traditionally, they are also used on a day to day basis by both men and women to improve their sexual vigour, energise their mental and physical vitality and encourage longevity. Modern clinical physicians also use these herbs for the purpose of anti aging. Many patients have reported the benefits of the improvement of younger looking skin tone, diminishing of wrinkles and grey hair, faster growth of hair, strengthening of bone and join flexibility, and muscle tone. Clinical trials on these herbal ingredients have found improvements in people who suffer from fertility issues, impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual decline, fatigue, mental confusion and physical weakness. This herbal compound comes in the form of an easy to swallow capsule.

Recommended to start with a pack of 10 (which is the dosage for 1 month).

Three months of treatment is recommended for people who suffer from infertility, impotence and sexual decline.

Natural Fertility Booster (Pack of 10)

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Healing the Relationship with Your Mother

—From love you come from, to love you must return


To truly heal your life, you must be willing to become a more conscious human being. You must bare your heart open for the higher form of conscious love, the love that enables you to forgive your enemies. It is through this enduring love, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and understanding that you will truly experience peace and everlasting happiness.

Healing the Relationship with Your Mother

My mother went through all kinds of hardship and trauma during the horrible Chinese Cultural Revolution. She managed to survive physically, but she became a very angry person.

In her angry state, which was very often, she would hit me and accuse me of being a ‘waste of space’, ‘a worthless piece of shit’ and allegations like ‘you have come to ruin my life.’

Never once did I believe her.

I looked at myself and I was always in awe of my own magnificence. I would think, ‘I am a human being, my life is precious. I can see, smell, hear, feel, talk, think and create. I can be anyone and do anything if I so choose. I have been given so many gifts, gifts that money cannot buy.

‘I am not a worthless piece of shit and I am not a waste of space, far from it. I worth just as much as everyone else and I am important. I matter.

‘I have a voice of my own. Only I can speak for myself. No one in the world can destroy me unless I allow them.

I can choose to give my power away and be destroyed, or I can choose to hold my power and create my desired destiny.’

This knowing of owning my life and that I must be the light unto myself was what got me through the darkest hours of my life; it was what made me ward off the negative impact of abuse; it was what made me rise above self-pity and respect my inner value.

I used to think my mother hated me, for why would she abuse me if she did not hate me? But one day, a deeper truth was revealed to me.

I was led to see that my mother only ‘appeared’ to hate me. Her hatred to me was a form of love, a twisted, retarded form of unconscious love, from a person with a victim mentality.

In an unevolved human mind, love and hate arise from the same fear, fear of not being good enough; they are just delivered in a different way. When she was buried deeply in her own psychological pain, and when she was trapped in her deep guilt, love was expressed as hatred towards the person she wanted to love.

This explains why people often hurt those they love the most. My mother abused me out of her fear of inadequacy. Violence is fear screamed out loud. All violent people are scared and weak people who have no inner power.

Once I had this realisation, compassion instantly arose in me towards my mother. Years before, I swore that I would never let my mother come near my children. But once I realised my mother’s inner suffering, I immediately brought her over to Australia to live with me in the hope that I could heal her.

By that time, I had a thriving natural medicine healing centre with ten practitioners working for me. I was a very successful Chinese Medicine practitioner, with a waiting list of four to six months. I used to spend ten hours at work and then come home to a mother who would criticise me for not folding my laundry properly.

Nothing I did was ever good enough for her.

One day, Mum was sitting at the dining table complaining about something I did not do right. Normally, when she complained, I tried not to look at her. But that day, I looked her in the eyes when she was complaining.

What I saw astonished me to the core of my being. I saw a profound sadness in her eyes, a really deep grieving kind of sadness as if she was mourning the death of someone she loved.

Suddenly, I realised she was mourning the death of her own dreams. She was born with the voice of an angel; she could have become one of the country’s best opera singers if it wasn’t for the revolution.

Her mourning had turned into a kind of bitter jealousy towards my success. The more successful I became, the more her bitterness grew towards me.

I went over and sat in front of my mother. I reached out to touch her hand, but she pulled it back quickly and stared at me with hostility as if I was an enemy who was going to attack her.

At that moment, I saw a very scared person, a person who felt so inferior that she had to pretend to be someone tough. The only way she could feel better was by putting someone else down in order to give her a fake feeling of being superior.

I started to cry. The realisation of her deep profound sadness opened my heart to feel her pain. I could feel every bit of it – all her broken dreams, regrets, pain, guilt, shame and remorse.

I felt her, all of her and I cried. Tears were flooding out uncontrollably. My mother pushed the chair back, stood up, then screamed at me, ‘What are you crying for, you worthless piece of shit?

‘You are the one who is successful. You are the one who always gets what you want, so what have you got to cry about?’ Her face was turning red and blue, her arms were waving in the air. She was raging.

I did not react to her rage, because the rage was just a cover-up for her deep-seated fear of inadequacy and a sense of failure. She judged herself so badly inside and all she was doing was projecting her judgement outwards towards me.

I realised it was not me she was accusing, but herself. When she screamed at me ‘you useless piece of shit’, she was screaming at herself – she was calling herself that, not me. I was just a fake target, as she was her own enemy.

With this understanding, I let go of all judgements against my mother. I walked to her, held on to her arms, looked her in the eyes, then slowly spoke out these words: ‘Mum, look at me. I love you. You are a good mum. You did the best you could.

‘I love you. I don’t blame you. I really don’t. I understand you, I understand your pain, and I want to take it away from you, but I cannot do that for you. You have to let it go yourself before it kills you.

‘It is right now killing your joy of living. What is the point of living like this? It hurts me seeing you hurting yourself. You must let go of the past. You can’t live in the past.

‘Today is a new day. Tomorrow is a new day. Let us look forward, not backward. Mum, I want you to live a long life. I want you to be at my children’s wedding. You are my mum. I am grateful for you. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for you. I am grateful for you, truly, Mum.’

With these words, she collapsed in my arms. I held her close to my heart for a long time while she let out her sorrow, pain, guilt and shame in her cry. She never called me ‘a worthless piece of shit’ after that day.

Mum has been living in Australia for fifteen years now. She is the happiest she has ever been. My love for her slowly but surely has been healing her pain.

I want nothing more than her healing before she leaves this earth.

She once wrote me a letter and asked for my forgiveness. I thanked her for the letter and told her that there was nothing for me to forgive. She did not do anything to harm me.

She could not harm me because I did not place myself under her power to be harmed. However, she was harming herself in inflicting pain upon me as well as herself.

All harm done to others is self-harming.

All abuse to others is in fact self-abuse.

I helped her to realise that and helped her to release herself from the bondage of self-blame. I told her that her abuse to me did not affect me in a negative way; on the contrary, I was very grateful to her.

She was a reflection, a mirror of who I do not want to become. Without her abuse, I would not have grown the way I did.

As a result of this experience, I have become a much better mother to my children. She loved me through her pain, but I chose to release my pain through loving her.

The only way you can heal pain is through love and acceptance of yourself.

One day, she told my daughter that I was the best mother any child could ever hope to have and that she was sorry for hurting me for many years.

My daughter Grace wiped off her tears and kissed her on her cheek. Then she said to her, ‘Don’t be sad, Grandma, it is not too late to start loving my mummy. Just Start Now.’

From love we come from, to love we must return. There is only one way to the Kingdom of Heaven, and that is, the path of Love….

Healing the Relationship with Your Mother – This story is an excerpt from a newly released self-healing book Freedom to Love—Radical Healing From Disease to Health, Anger to Peace, Fear to Love by Hong Curley

Author Bio: Hong Curley is a Chinese Medicine doctor specialising in psychological healing. She earned her expert status from having conducted over 38,000 consultations so far. Hong is the best-selling author of a powerful self-healing book Freedom to Love.

Healing the Relationship with Your Mother

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