Friday, 16 January 2015

Expect miracles!!!

There is a light inside you that is brighter than sunshine. There is a hero inside you that can get you through any challenge. There is a power inside you that is so great that whatever you can envision, you can achieve. There is a strength inside you that whatever comes your way, you can face it with courage and wisdom. So no matter what happens, know in your heart that you are more powerful than you think, braver than you can ever imagine, and wiser than you have ever known.

Know that nothing is ever too good for you because you deserve the best life has to offer and more, whatever you desire is all within your reach.

Why? Because you are born a king!!!

No matter what you think, however you may devalue yourself, the truth is that you are born of the greatest, the most intelligent creative force in the universe…..You are a miracle!!! Can you think of anything else that is as miraculous as you are?

Embrace your inner power, reach into your inner resources, the deepest, inner most sources of love and intelligence, where the eternal spring of wisdom flows. Once you connect deep with yourself, anchor it in your being, then put yourself out there, give it everything you have got and expect miracles to happen!!!

This is the creative life of a spiritual warrior who anchors deeply in the heart of his being, then reach beyond the stars. Your being and your dreams are like two wings of a bird. Once you make them strong, you can soar and surf the sky, then there is no limit….only endless blessings and effortless success.

To your success, my friends.

Expect miracles!!!

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